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Published 16 Sep 2011

FirstGiving, along with its sister company JustGiving in the UK, are probably amongst the most reputable online fundraising sites for charities and non-profit organisations with $1 billion raised in the US already.

Available to individuals and non-profits themselves the platform allows supporters of a cause to donate online to a specific web page and see exactly how the fundraising is going.

Individuals wishing to raise money, by either a sponsored event or straight forward fund, can set up a page free of charge and include a banner and a personal message explaining to visitors their personal motivation and reasons behind it.

The details of the page can be spread widely across the social networks inviting friends and family to get involved. Supporters visit the page and donate funds via credit/debit card and can include their name or remain anonymous.

The cash goes directly to the cause and is not paid over to the page owner and so supporters can rest assured that their donations are going where they are needed.

Non-profit organizations can partner with FirstGiving to set up and execute successful fundraising campaigns and use the sites tools to create an impressive web page.

Fundraising webpages are free to set up however all donations paid over to a particular cause will be subject to a 5% service charge which goes back into the site to cover admin costs and finance improvements. Non-profits have access to the admin tool for $300 a year. Credit card merchant fees also apply...