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Published 11 Dec 2015

Despite the fact that magazines sell a fraction of the amount that they used to during their heyday, there's one mag category that still seems to be holding its own. The celebrity magazines like People, OK, Entertainment Weekly, Star and Who are the mags that are saving the local newspaper shops from going to the dogs. And what's the first page that people turn to when they buy a new edition? The celebrity photos, of course! Kim and Kanye, Taylor Swift, Brad and Angelina, Nicki Minaj, The Bieb, Stephen Curry and LeBron, Coldplay on stage and thousands of others. Well, now there's an easier way to see your idols without having to head to the newsstand.

Don't get me wrong. There's no way i'm trying to drive a nail into the heart of the celebrity gossip and photo magazines here nor the news stands that sell 'em but, if the main reason for buying one is to look at the pictures, FirstLook is a much more sensible way to go. The developers describe it as the 'ultimate, real-time, celeb photo feed...on steroids' and that's not far from the truth. This iOS app delivers professionally shot, real-time photos of well over 25,000 different celebrities, musicians, athletes, innovators and newsmakers. There's also a contracted relationship with various agencies that delivers up another 25 million archival celebrity images with the photos supplied by all the top celebrity photo agencies including Getty Images, WireImage...