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More celebrity photos than you can poke a stick at on your iOS device

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Published 11 Dec 2015

[cont'd] AP Invision and BFA. Everything is delivered directly to your fully customizable FirstLook photo feed.

Users can share any of their own images through their social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and it really doesn't matter whether they are new or old photos. This free app also features a “Top Celebs to Follow” discovery engine and an 'events feed' with celeb images taken at major events around the world. Theres also a 'flashback' feature that highlights interesting archival images from top celebs from over the years. Finally, there’s a 'featured' section that spotlights professionally captured and captioned celebrity photos with titles like #HappyBirthday, #HunkoftheDay and #BAEoftheDay.

FirstLook was put together by digital entrepreneur Justin Kahn and renowned entertainment photographer Steve Granitz who co-founded the WireImage photo service some years ago. They ended up selling it to Getty Images for $200mill in 2007. The company is backed by successful investor David Bohnett whose expertise has touched a plethora of successful businesses over the years.

As you would expect - given its photographic background - FirstLook is very cool to look at on your phone or tablet. There are no bells and whistles because the photographs are the hero here. The app is simple to navigate with its various sections laid out, front and center, just waiting for your click. FirstLook really is your personal celebrity magazine and is available for free on your iPad and iPhone. It delivers real-time photos of the biggest stars, taken by the...