Developer description

The right choice of sunglasses is highly dependent on your facial features and hair color. Therefore, it is impossible to find a flattering pair of sunglasses without trying it on your face. And that’s were comes in, by providing a solution for buying sunglasses online. Simply upload a picture of your face or pick one of the models that looks like you and start virtual fitting of hundreds of sunglasses to find your perfect fit! Try different types of sunglasses easily with the online fitting application to find the one that looks best on you. The sunglasses will be superimposed on the photo of your face, visualizing the image of yourself wearing any pair of sunglasses like a digital mirror. Compare different styles and take your time on deciding what fits best to you. Choose from more than thousands of designer sunglasses from all the popular brands. helps in finding the perfect pair of sunglasses, combined with the ease of online shopping! Let’s end with some great styling advice. Always choose a frame that complements your face shape and color to bring your appearance into balance: warm skin tones need cool colors and round faces need squared glasses. Try it yourself and you’ll see!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015