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Wake up with the first motion-sensitive alarm clock!
The unique feature of the Fitari Fitness Alarm Clock is that the only way to stop the alarm is to stand up and do a number of fitness activities. Your movements are detected by the motion sensors in your phone.
You can choose which activities you want to do after stopping the alarm, set as many alarms as you want, and decide on which days of the week they should be active. Fitari uses a progressive alarm which starts silently and gets louder until it reaches the highest volume. You can also choose your own music for the alarm.
Another feature of the Fitari Fitness Alarm Clock is that you can record your movements while sleeping. This way, Fitari can detect a light sleep phase (with more movements) and wake you up during this phase, improving your sleep quality and making waking up in the morning easier!

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Last updated 27 Dec 2017

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