Developer description

Fitcore5 is a unique ipad app that gives soccer coaches a easy way to track and record your soccer team’s fitness test scores and results, and save the data all in one spot! You can use the test scores season over season to build accurate soccer training programs and help your players progress to the next level of fitness.

It all starts with your teams. Coach 1 or 20, setting teams and choosing the fitness tests to track is simple and straightforward.

With fitcore5 you can:

* Choose the standard protocal of tests or modify some parameters to meet your fitness testing objectives. All testing scores can be entered and edited at any time.

* Record test results in either Metric or US Standard

* Review and compare fitness test scores which are graphed per team averages or per individual player as compared to their teammates.

* Build full team level reports for yourself and your technical staff, or build individual reports to share securely with each of your athletes.

* Save the reports to your device, or email them or share via the cloud.

* Enter and save all data without Wi-FI or internet connectivity

Fitcore5 for Soccer, helping you and your teams learn more, get fitter, and continue to perform at optimal levels for the game you love.

Visit for more details, and what the hey, download the app today!

Last updated 29 Feb 2016

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