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FitMind is an in-depth, systematic meditation training program delivered in an app. The FitMind team creates meditations and lessons by consulting neuroscientist and monks alike, and have taught these methods in workshops at Fortune 500 companies, schools and more.

The FitMind app stands out as a secular and scientific meditation training program. You can think of it as a mental trainer + psychological user manual for the mind. FitMind dreams of a world in which our society pays as much attention to our "mental fitness" as we do our physical fitness.

Developed by a Yale graduate who was diagnosed with OCD and then ADHD, Liam McClintock tried everything from therapy to pills, but nothing worked well. He finally discovered a powerful tool for gaining control of his mind: meditation. With practice, Liam was able to eventually get off of the pills and reclaim his sanity.

Last updated 22 Oct 2019

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