Developer description

Built for iOS 8 with HealthKit (Health app) integration and using the newest CloudKit technology.

Fitness 365 is your companion to keeping fit and having a more active lifestyle. It is designed to help you workout by using your device to be your personal trainer.

Featuring motion sensing technology to help keep track of the reps you performed in real time. It will also speak out your reps, so you will know if you have reached your goal.

Improve your fitness profile by performing workouts to increase your fitness level. Gain fitness points for each workout you complete. Collect achievements and challenge your friends.

Fitness 365 works with the new Health app. It will automatically add the calories burnt to the new Health app after you complete a workout.

- Motion tracking technology to automatically track your reps.
- Voice coach - Speaks out your reps in real time.
- Track calories burnt for workout.
- Health app integration - automatically adds your workouts and calories burnt.
- Achievements to collect.
- Challenge your friends!
- Stay motivated with level progression and achievements.
- Add friends to view their progress.
- Build up your fitness profile.

Last updated 13 Oct 2014

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