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Published 17 Sep 2011

The hardest thing about starting a fitness regime is finding enough time to implement it. A bit of motivation wouldn't go amiss either. What you really need is your own personal trainer. Well, Fitoodle is a social networking health and fitness tool that will act as your very own personal trainer as well as keeping you in touch with other health conscious friends.
It doesn't really matter whether you are just wanting to trim up a bit ready for summer or are about to embark on a major lifestyle health change, Fitoodle is devoted to helping people reach their health and fitness goals with diets, exercise programs and peer support. They believe that successful dieters have even better results when supported by the community and that's where the social networking side comes in. Fitoodle offers personalized profiles and an advanced filtering system to easily search for friends old and new. There are also over 500 well researched diets , an open Q&A section, a weight progression tracker and instantaneous chat activity to motivate you to reach the achievements you have set out.

Fitoodle is a great little concept that's for sure. If we are going on a health and fitness campaign we're going to need all the help we can get. To get similar treatment from a health club would cost a fair bit so this free health and fitness social networking tool certainly gives value especially as its free. So just get fit, pick a plan, stay motivated, and reach your goals!

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