Developer description

When you have a workout, you have to remember all of your exercises and their sequence. Why should you waste your energy on such trifles and not to give it to your personal assistant?

FitQueue will deal with it for you, so you can be concentrated on your results only. All what you need is your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Make your own list of exercises, prepare them to workout group them into the fitness sets, launch FitQueue on Apple Watch and just start your workout! App will guide you what exercise is next and what is the goal. Also FitQueue will track your steps, distance, burned calories, heart rate and active time.

Once your workout is completed, just Save it and it will appear on your iPhone with all the detailed summary.

Set your personal month and year goals in order to acheive new heights in sport and fitness. Share your favorite with your friends over iMessage.

That's all and a bit more is in FitQueue - your personal fitness assistant.

Last updated 19 Mar 2018

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