Developer description

FitStadium is a fitness app that helps you achieve the shape you want with customized, smart workouts that adjust instantly to suit your needs. Each exercise is picked to keep up with your progress and to maximize the results of every workout.
This means you’ll get fitter, faster, and without wasting a single drop of sweat.

Just like a personal trainer FitStadium creates a workout plan designed for you, measuring your performance from the very start; it then keeps collecting your feedback after every exercise and adapts to always provide the best workout intensity for you.

You have at your disposal 120 bodyweight exercises that put to work every muscle in your body with no need for gym equipment. Every exercise comes with a neat video tutorial and clear instructions that guide you step by step through every workout. FitStadium’s flexibility makes it fit for everyone, from the absolute beginner who wants to lose some body fat to the skilled athlete looking for a challenging workout.

Also, with workouts as 15 minutes short, you’ll be able to find time to train even in the busiest day.

All you need to get in the best shape ever is your smartphone!

Available for Android and iOS.

Last updated 25 Jun 2015