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Published 27 Oct 2011

Fitness is big business these days and here’s an app that will help both coaches and those sweating under their guidance. It’s easy to lose motivation when trying to stick to a particular regime but with FitView members can stay focused by engaging with their coach and other group members. A simplified description of the app might say that it’s a bit like a social networking site but with a lot of sections and features geared to fitness. Coaches can set up a profile and invite group members who are undergoing the same programme. Personal fitness details like height, weight and any specific medical conditions are kept securely and only available to view by the coach and individual concerned.  

Daily and weekly workout routines can be set, customized and modified in the system and performance measurements will ensure that all group members constantly have their eye on the prize  

The key to success in any fitness campaign is surely having the support, encouragement and interaction of everyone participating and FitView certainly fulfils this role. The homepage has a news feed for upcoming events and notices and personal messages can be exchanged between group members and between members and coaches. Rules on privacy are strictly adhered to in this respect too and messages are not subject to general broadcast.

Coaches signing up to FitView can invite other coaches to join in too and there is no limit to the number of different groups that can be running at the same time. This app, which is available on any modern browser, smartphone or tablet, has all of the ingredients necessary to get coaches and members interacting positively and creating an atmosphere where goals are not just reached but surpassed.

This is a great tool both for coaches and anyone serious about sticking to a fitness regime. The features and ease of use will make sure everyone involved gets the most out of whatever agony a daily routine might entail, and anything that helps produce a fitter public has to be a winner.

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