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The idea is this: After a about five years on the job, software engineers start getting the ... More

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Published 26 Sep 2012

It's said that if you are the employer of a great software engineer it's best to try to nail them into a new contract before they've been with you for five years or so. One tends to find that if they haven't found what they are looking for in your business by then they will think about moving on. It's the nature of the beast. So if you are an employer looking to coax one of the great ones out of their soft, cosy and comfortable conditions it's rather difficult for obvious reasons. But how could you encourage and court them to come and talk to you privately and anonymously? You might be able to offer them more money and better working conditions. Five Year Itch is an employment app that specializes in the recruitment of great software engineers by offering great employment opportunities to the best employees and lets them remain anonymous so their current boss won't find out.
So this is the thing. It seems that after about five years on the job, software engineers start getting the "itch" to move on. If you are good at your job however, it’s probably steady and comfortable, though you may not be quite as much in love with it anymore. You  just can't be bothered searching for something else.  But five years in, that little itch starts crawling up your back: “Is this all there is?” and "Am I...