Developer description

FlakeIN: Mobile Meetups On Demand is a revolutionary mobile application that allows people who do not know each other to group chat about a shared interest, plan an activity around that shared interest, and move to do that activity, all within an hour. It is the first app of its kind and only app on the market that has an immediate call to action which eliminates the possibility of people “flaking out.” It was developed by DamnFlakes, LLC (Tempe, AZ) in conjunction with Inspeero Technologies, LLC (San Francisco, CA).

For the first time users are able to converse with multiple like-minded individuals at the exact same time in time-sensitive (59 min) group chatrooms that, once ended, call for an in-person group meetup — meetups that must happen within five hours of the chat ending. No more procrastinating. No more twiddling thumbs. No more FLAKING OUT!

FlakeIN’s user-friendly design and functionality also fosters an environment of urgency and exploration amongst the people of the world through seventeen categories (called Bowls) that contain activities (called Spoons) that groups of people are doing in their area:

Art & Museums,
The Great Outdoors
Exercise & Fitness
Sports & Sporting Events
Concerts & Performances
Foodies & Restaurants
Experience Learning
Clubs & Bars
Dance & Movement
Film & Televised Events
Theme Parks & Festivals
Creative Collaborations
Travel & Experience
Faith & Religion
Fashion & Shopping
Pets & Play
Cons & Conventions

FlakeIN sparks that sense of wonder, which has been lost by many of us, that yearns for us to think outside of the box when it comes to our favorite hobbies, our ideal pastimes, and our social circles.

Last updated 31 Jan 2017

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