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Published 14 Dec 2017

Okay, here's the scenario. You have the day off work and you fancy a well organised game of basketball, a competitive soccer kick around or an afternoon of surfing. The only trouble is, your friends are mostly at work themselves and can't help you out. So, what do you do? Trawl the likes of Facebook and search for possible likeminded individuals who might want to play? Head for the local sports area and hope there's a few people hanging around? Or do you just head to the local pub and take your chances there'll be a few likely candidates who aren't too drunk yet? I think it's safe to assume that none of these options will guarantee you an afternoon's exercise and entertainment.

There are a number of apps on the market that claim to be able to solve the pickup game problem but, to be honest, none have really come to grips with the heart of the situation. They tend to work on the theory that there is a ready-made band of potential competitors out there just waiting to be contacted. The fact is, if you are in the market for a game or a surf and you live in a reasonably sized metropolis, there are more than likely a whole bunch of like-minded individuals who are thinking the same way that you are. They just need to be organised better. That's where this app comes in handy.

Flakex is a new sports pickup app for Android and iOS that deals with many of the issues that similar apps have so far failed to confront. It's a place where you can host your own games or search While the app has a number of useful features, its main claim to fame deals with the issue of having a surfeit of potential players and their commitment to the cause. We're talking about potential players who commit to a game but then fail to turn up. This all-encompassing app tracks the 'flake' percentage (or no-show) on each player's profile so that you have the ability to only pick reliable players who turn up when they say they will. This lets you choose the most trustworthy players as well as the best ones. 

Of course, that's not all the app does. Here are the main features. For a start, the 'regulars' feature allows you to invite people whose flake percentage is 20% or less when you click on that icon when you create a game. That way, you should have a full team of players when you hit the court. You can take advantage of the app's organisational skills by marking player attendance if you are the one who is hosting. There's a simple check off list of all the people that confirmed the invitation to play. Just set the time, date and location and then swipe up to pick people or down to drop them off the list. Check your players off the list when they turn up and you'll know who to trust next time round. The ‘around me’ feature shows you the games that are going on around your neighborhood. If you're up for a game (or a surf,) all you need to do is ask for an invitation and you can be a contender. 

There's nothing duller than to organise a bit of a sporting afternoon after you've created your dream team for the day and half the team fails to show. Not only is your afternoon spoiled but you're going to be pretty embarrassed when the opposition turns up ready to play. The flake percentage allows you, as host, to control your fellow athletes accountability to stick by their word by turning up and playing the sport. This powerful little tool is great to hold friends accountable as well as ring-ins who you've never met before. It will change the way you meet people and bring friends and strangers together to play the sports that you all love to play. When I was a kid we spent all our time outdoors playing ball games. One of the goals of the developers was to get people off their couches and get them outdoors again. I guess it's kinda ironic that they've used an app to achieve that goal. Flakex is available now for free for Android, iPhone and iPad from the relevant App Store. 


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