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Your podcasts. With syrup on top.

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Play, share, and discuss your favorite podcasts over the web with Flapcast.
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Editor's review

Published 14 Nov 2011

Flapcast describe themselves rather wittily as 'Your Podcasts. With Syrup On Top' and that sums it up quite nicely really. This podcast share tool gives you a place to play, share and discuss your favorite podcasts with your friends (or anyone else, if it comes to that.) Flapcast keeps your podcasts in the cloud alongside your music where it is safe and accessable and not cluttering up your computer.
Your music lives in the cloud so why don't your podcasts? Flapcast lets you play, share and discuss your favorite podcasts over the web. I tend to think that podcasts are seriously underestimated. There are so many of them and they are generally put together by dedicated people with a passion for their subject. Whether you are finding out the behind the scenes gossip from your favorite sporting team or listening to Sir Patrick Stewart's latest ramblings you can find and organize your podcasts from iTunes and away you go.  You can play your podcasts directly from your browser and pick up where you left off even if you can't remember where you were up to. Flapcast lets you manage and listen to your podcasts over the web and share your favorite episodes with the world.

The iTunes Store puts thousands of free podcasts at your fingertips so why not take advantage of them. Flapcast helps you organize and manage your podcasts so you can watch them all directly from your browser. Not only that but it makes everything so much easier. If you are just beginning on your podcast odyssey you can just view the most watched episodes or even the most popular podcast hosters to see who's hot. It even manages everything so you can continue multitasking while you listen. I love em.

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