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Developer description

The app offers a lot of customizations for creating cards: adding tags, colors, organizing study sets into subjects (categories).

You can use it to study languages, memorize restaurant menus, prepare for exams and practically anything.

The app offers different ways to review your cards:
- Flashcards flipping: basic review to go through your cards.
- Matching review: match multiple terms to their definitions.
- Writing review: a way to practice spelling, which is useful for language learners.
- Drawing review: practice drawing, especially when learning kanji.
- Audio: enables you to listen to your cards in the background.

It also offers to use spaced repetition which will tell you when you have cards due to review, and when reviewing the order of the cards is determined on how well you know each card.

There are a lot of customizations that the app offers:
- Adding tags and colors to cards
- Using custom drawing for cards
- Organizing study sets into different subjects (categories)
- Choose how you want to study: spaced repetition, review new/old cards first.
- Review multiple or a single set each time.

There also are some premium features that can be unlocked for paying a small fee.

The app works fully offline and is probably offers the most features than other flashcards apps on the store.

Last updated 23 Dec 2019

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