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Flashfreeonline is a website directory where you will find only the best flash games of all ... More

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Published 2 Aug 2014

Flash technology has been around since the mid '90's with simple but quite gorgeous animation technology that pretty well anyone can access. In that time, online, animated flash games have become one of the great little 'time wasters' for we Internet users. Their brightly colored graphics - with the option for interactivity - made them some of the most addictive and fun activities around. There are heaps of sites out there that claim to have the biggest selection of compiled flash games, but mostly they are a disappointment. FlashFreeOnline not only has a huge array of hundreds f thousands of free flash games - it also has some of the greatest all time games as well as some of the best of the new ones that would love to join them up there at the top.
FlashFreeOnline is a website directory that lets you play hundreds of free and fun flash games on the net. It is an app where you will find, not only some of the best flash games of all time, but you'll also heaps of the latest arcade, action and other popular online games. But that's not all. FFO puts its games into some very interesting categories. There are some cool math games for the nerdier types, mario games for the adrenaline bunnies, goku games for the japanese freaks as well as racing games, kids games and puzzle and strategy games as well as specific games for girls as well as boys. Some of the...