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The Flaviar App. Your Liquor Advocate.

From now on, you’ll always know what drink to order in a bar or which bottle to buy. The Flaviar App is your go-to resource for Whisky and other fine spirits - your IMDb for spirits! With a database of 10,000 bottles it provides all essential information and ratings at a glance. But the real kicker is the ability to visualize flavours with the Flavour Spiral, a way to taste what’s inside the bottle, before you actually try it. The Flaviar App is available as a free download in the App Store.

Stop Guessing What’s Inside the Bottle
“We all hate that feeling of insecurity when looking at shelves full of bottles, trying to decide what to get. Prices, labels and bottle shapes can’t tell me if I’m going to like the drink or not.” says Flaviar co-founder Grisa Soba. “That’s why we made the Flaviar App - to give people the best insights possible on what to expect. It’s the closest to tasting a drink before actually tasting it!” For every drink, Flaviar serves up its rating and information about the distillery and production methods, tasting notes and its Flavour Spiral. As Soba puts it: “We want this App to be your IMDb for liquor!”

The Flavour Spiral Give you a Taste of a drink before you buy it
The Flavour Spiral is Flaviar’s innovative way to visualize flavours that can be found in a drink - a fresh take on the traditional Nose-Taste-Finish approach that can come off a little flat. “After having worked for almost three years on finding the perfect way to visualise a drink’s flavours, their dynamics and gathering data, we are convinced that the Flavour Spiral is what drinkers of fine spirits have been missing,” says Soba.

Flaviar commissioned an artist to draw 252 flavour components for the Flavour Spiral. These art pieces are a great inspiration when looking for food pairings to go with a drink, too.

With the Flavour Spiral adding the visual component, you can now experience a drink with all your senses. “Seeing the Flavour Spiral is much more intuitive than just reading a written description. It also shows the balancing of flavours, so I find it meaningful and useful,” one user review states.

User tests of the Flaviar App also proved that with the Flavour Spiral it’s much easier to detect and recognize flavours in your drink, previously indiscernible. Great news for those that are just getting into spirits and mixology!

Build Your Home Bar – Virtual and Real
The Flaviar App lets you manage your personal collection of drinks in the My Bar section. Once you are ready to take your flavour explorations into the real world, you are only a few taps away.

You can submit an order for many bottles right through the App, or choose one of Flaviar’s curated Tasting Packs with samples of fine spirits. Either way, your home bar will become the best bar in town in no time.

Last updated 17 Sep 2015

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