Developer description

Fleet is an award-winning air travel assistant that combines crowd-sourced data about airports and flights in one, easy-to-use app. No more worrying about flight status or airport conditions!

WINNER: US Federal Aviation Administration's Design Competition for innovative use of FAA data! Fleet was designed by a team of psychologists, designers, and developers who conducted research to improve the air travel experience.

Features include:

**Flight status updates**
**Crowd sourced delay times at baggage check-in and security**
**Easily share your flight information with friends and family and have them follow you**
**Access airport directories to find stores and restaurants near you**
**Learn tips and fun facts about your airline**
**Search for information on both domestic and international flights**
**Set customizable flight alerts so that you get the information you need when you need it**
**Send and receive real-time information about airport conditions**

Last updated 1 Oct 2015

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