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Ditch your spreadsheets! Fleet Genius simplifies & automates fleet management for all fleets small or large. Reduces the complexity of fleet management with maintenance tracking & real-time monitors.

Fleet Genius is a web-based CMMS system and is suitable for fleets of any size and is available for small businesses (SME / SMB), large enterprises, governments, schools, universities and for consumer use.

BASE FEATURES (95ยข per vehicle per month - first 5 are always free)
+ Preventive maintenance management and scheduling by mileage, odometer, usage hours, days and dates
+ Maintenance expense tracking
+ Vehicle maintenance history reporting
+ Fuel usage and expense tracking
+ Email alerts for maintenance actions
+ multiple alert levels
+ Unlimited user logins
+ Supports any vehicle
+ works on any browser on PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.

Add in OBD-2 VHM wireless fleet management monitors and get enhanced management data including:

ENHANCED FEATURES (requires trip tracking hardware @ $5.95/vehicle/month)
+ Automated maintenance meters: mileage, odometer, running hours
+ Trip tracking (date/time/distance/speed)
+ Idle time tracking (for vehicles and drivers)
+ OBD-2 engine diagnostics
+ Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) decodes
+ Driver behavior monitoring (idling, speeding, aggressive starts/stops)
+ Fuel use*
+ Supports cars and light duty vehicles

Optional VHM hardware can be installed in any or all vehicles to access enhanced features.

Last updated 17 Sep 2013

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