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Flevy is a marketplace for premium business documents. These documents range from Excel Financial Models to customizable PowerPoint Templates to "How-To" Business Strategy Frameworks.

Flevy was founded under the principle that companies waste a lot of time and money recreating the same foundational business documents. Our vision is for Flevy to become a comprehensive knowledge base of business documents. All organizations, from startups to large enterprises, can use Flevy--whether it's to jumpstart projects, to find reference or comparison materials, or just to learn.

For business professionals, Flevy represents an opportunity to monetize their idle business documents and transform them into perpetual income. In essense, Flevy is the Etsy for business professionals.

Here is a brief list of the types of documents you can buy and sell on Flevy:

* Excel Pricing Models (for various products, services)
* Business Frameworks (e.g. growth strategy, product launch strategy, strategic sourcing, etc.)
* Functional PowerPoint Templates (e.g. Gantt charts, approach diagrams, puzzle pieces, etc.)
* Business Case Templates (for various types of capital budgeting investments)
* Valuation Models (for various industries, company types)
* Project Proposals (for various industries, project types, services)
* Business Plan Templates (for various industries, business models)
* Macro-driven Calculation Spreadsheets
* Process Flow Templates
* PowerPoint Maps (e.g. global views, countries, regions, states/districts, etc.)
* "How To" Guides (e.g. storyboarding a presentation, finding leads on LinkedIn, pricing a consulting project, etc.)

Flevy is a great resource for people who work in management consulting, corporate strategy, corporate finance and risk, marketing and branding, IT and MIS, supply chain, and operations.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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