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Group tweet a bunch of your friends without using up all your 140 characters

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Fliite is the first group tweeting app for Twitter. Imagine you have a message you want to share ... More

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Published 12 Apr 2013

While this iPhone app might be an incredibly simple concept, it is quite often the simplest of apps that prove to be the most successful. So, why is it that I think that this messaging app might achieve world dominance. Well, let's assume you are trying to encourage your local Twitter friends to come to a party or a gig that night or maybe you are trying to meet up at a bar for a drink. You could tweet them all individually or link them but that could take a lot of time and all those names will use up your 140 characters pretty quickly. On the other hand you could put an open message out there but you might well find that half the neighborhood turns up to the party. Fliite is the very first app that lets you send a group message to a specific bunch of friends - meaning only the people you want to tell about the party actually see the message.
Fliite is the very first group messaging app for the Twitter network.  Imagine you have a message you want to share with a handful of your close friends. As you can imagine, your 140 character limit will disappear pretty damned fast if you @mention very many people. With Fliite, if you have a message you want to share with a bunch of your friends, you can simply write it, choose the recipients that you want to see it and Fliite will send the tweet individually to up to 10 people. By sending the tweets separately, you don't have to list all the names of the friends you want to get the message to which will not only save you precious characters, but it will also save you a fair bit of time too.
Fliite is one of those apps that make you wonder why it wasn't made available as standard issue in the first place. Whereas group messaging isn't really a problem with many other social networks it certainly does with Twitter - given that half of your 140 character limit will probably be taken up with @names. Fliite is as simple an app as they come, is user-friendly enough that you can use it with one hand tied behind you back and looks pretty cool on your iPhone too. This free new group messaging app for Twitter is a must have for tweeters.

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