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With FlipFilmer, videos can be converted into a digital flipbook, which interactively bends, ... More

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Published 11 Aug 2012

You know what a Flip film is don't you? It's a very short home made film that hopefully has a little artistic merit going for it. And how about a digital flipbook? That's  one of those cool and classy online books that you can flip through with your fingers - rather like the way you would flip through a regular paper book. One of the most beautiful apps that illustrates the flipbook concept is Flipboard, of course, which won App of the Year a couple of years back. There are plenty of flipbooks available for your photos but there are very few that displays your Flips.  FlipFilmer is a free video app that converts ten of your 5 second video clips into a digital flipbook and let's you share them through your favorite social network.
FlipFilmer is a social video sharing app that lets you convert your short videos into one, very cool digital flipbook that interactively bends, stops and occasionally flips your flip videos. And, if you are that way inclined,  you can even add your flipped and recorded video as a.FlipFilm and then share it on Facebook or YouTube the same way you would any other video. FlipFilmer lets you convert your videos easily into a digital toy and flip through pages with your thumb to experience the timeless charm of classic flipbooks in a modern way. To get your videos onto FlipFilmer doesn't require a great deal of technical prowess but there is an easy to use guide if you are feeling a little Luddite-esque this morning. There's only a few things to remember. assuming your videos are in a compatible format just open Itunes with your device connected and click on your device in Itunes and click "Photos." Then mark "Sync from" and choose the folder where your video is stored on your PC and mark "include videos" and sync.Then you will have the video in an album on your device and you can convert it to a flipbook. FlipFilmer is now available for free worldwide from Apple's App Store for iOS 4.3+ for iPhone 3GS+ and iPod touch 3+ and compatible with iPad 1+: With the Free Version you can create a flipbook out of up to 5 seconds of video and make up to 10 pages. The Premium Version for $1.99 converts up to 25 seconds of video and up to 50 pages. With this version you can change the title and customize the look of your flipbook with millions of different combinations of background, paper, binder and seam. Moreover, you can save your flipbooks in one album. The App is priced accordingly in other regions.
FlipFilmer presents great fun mashups of your favorite Flip videos in a very cool and simple interface and lets you share them with your friends and the rest of the world via Facebook and Twitter and onto YouTube, too if you like. There is nothing earth shattering about FlipFilmer but it's heaps of fun to create and play with your films and turn them inside out. Then you can show off your handiwork to your pals. Flipbooks are not only lots of fun but look absolutely beautiful. It's hard to believe how much better they look in the flipbook than they do in their own right.

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