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Published 19 Mar 2013

No, this isn't an iPhone app about talking dolphins, thank goodness! Flippa is actually one of the market leaders in buying and selling websites. Buying websites can be a bit like buying and selling on the stock exchange. The undeniable fact is that, the more up-to-date information you have, the more successful your transaction can be. Flippa delivers instant notifications on the bidding process for available websites right to your mobile so you can make instant counter bids or check the latest bids on the site you are selling.
Flippa is the number one marketplace for buying and selling websites and there are literally thousands of people constantly plugged in checking on buying and selling prices. It delivers instant notifications on your auctions via this iPhone app! Regular users know that selling a site at auction can be a downright addictive thing and it's important to know how the bidding process is going.  Sellers want to know immediately when new bids come in and buyers want to react quickly when they are being outbid! Website buyers love Flippa due to the extensive inventory of websites and domains that suit a range of web site investors. Flippa has been dedicated to websites since their inception back in 2005 so they know exactly how to tailor the entire buying experience to make it as easy and secure as possible. Sellers come to Flippa because it has the highest sales rate in the industry—largely due to the massive size...