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Published 9 Aug 2017

If you were a member of the Boy Scouts as a kid you'll know all about knife throwing. One of the great scouting activities has always been the fine art of throwing sharp things at pieces of wood - whether it be a tomahawk, an axe or a knife. It's described in the Scouts manual as one of the great pastimes and there's even a code of conduct surrounding it so that no one gets hurt. There is a fair amount of skill involved in getting it right. Typically, in this digital age, knife throwing has now been turned into a game. Flippy Knife is a new game for both iOS and Android that is based on those bottle-flipping games that have been so popular for a few years now.

Flippy Knife turns knife flipping into an art form in this very addictive game. It's one of those games that seems to be pretty easy to come to grips with but is a lot tougher to master. It's a physics based realistic 3D knife simulation game where the knives tumble with the same characteristics as their real life equivalents. That is, they twist and fall in the same way so you really have to know your knives to become the grand master of knife flipping.

There are over 35 world famous blades to collect and scouts will appreciate the locations they can be flipped in. There are camping settings, a forest hut setting and you can...