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If You Love It…AirTag It

Shoot it…AirTag it…Share it…Flipscape® is more than just a social augmented reality application; it’s a complete platform for creating and managing fun, interactive social events, occasions and even corporate campaigns.

We have developed a unique application that allows for the creation of augmented content by any person in any environment, letting users map their life experiences by freezing them in the moment forever.

Flipscape® revolves around two main components: Scapes and AirTags. Each user has their own personal Scape in which they can place AirTags containing pictures and text wherever they are in the world at that particular time.

AirTags remain in the fixed geographical location that they are created in and can be viewed on the phone in augmented reality by others in the same location. Additionally, AirTags can be shared on Twitter and Facebook and users can follow their friends and leave comments on any AirTags that catch their eye in their favourite Scapes. The individual journey that a user takes can also be followed live at from anywhere in the world.

Flipscape® offers users the opportunity to leave a virtual ‘paperless’ trail of their lives, to share with friends and followers. Commentary on activities, achievements, social occasions, celebrations, or simply ‘look what I found’ can all be recorded photographically, providing a visual and geo-specific history of the user’s life.

Research carried out by the Psychology and Advertising department at Lancaster University showed that only 10% of students (one of our key target user groups) had heard of augmented reality, hence flipscape is being released on the eve of a new technological era with its aim being to promote the exciting possibilities that augmented reality has to offer.

Co-founder of flipscape® Tony Braide says ‘our mission is for flipscape® to become the first user-led augmented reality world app, where millions of people can share their experiences in an augmented world. This is the first step.’

What will you AirTag?

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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