Developer description

Created by Personal Trainers. For Fitness Professionals and their clients and followers:

If you could turn 30 clients into 30,000 would you? Flive (fitness live) is the world's first live-streaming fitness app. Trainers can live stream sessions and users train with them all in real time from anywhere in the world. The trainer has the ability to schedule a workout at a time that suits them to go live. They set a name, time, level, price and category for the session.

The trainer then promotes to all their followers and clients on other social media platforms encouraging them to participate, because the higher the number of views the more the trainer gets paid. Flive is free to download and free for trainers to use.

The viewer pays an affordable fee (less than the price of a coffee) set by the trainer to watch live or they have up to 24 hours before the workout expires. Flive is set to revolutionise the fitness industry one live workout at a time #highflive

Last updated 20 Jul 2017

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