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Inspired by Cinemagraphs, Flixel is a free iPhone application that enables users to "live paint" ... More

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Published 28 Mar 2012

We all seem to be so in love with photo warping apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic and it was really only a matter of time before a similar app was developed for the moving image. Of course, there is the staggeringly beautiful Cinemagraphs but the only problem there is that it takes so damned long to put a great image together. Flixel is a free photo and video share application for iPhone, iPad2 and iPod Touch that let's you 'live paint' your 'animations' quickly and turn them into pieces of art that will make your friends gasp just a little bit.
Flixel is a free application for your idevices that was directly inspired by Cinemagraphs. Its a hell of a lot of fun! It enables users to "live paint" their animated videos in the most eye-catching and beautiful way and turns a 'still' from your video into a magical moving photograph. If you like you can apply a filter and share with others on a variety of social networks including Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. Flixel manages to bridge the gap between the video image, the animated GIF and the regular still photograph and you end up with an image that's more vibrant, more enchanting and even more beautiful than he original image. What appears to be a still photograph begins to take on a life of it's own. So how does it work? Well, Flixel let's you take a series of screenshots and put them...