Developer description

Flock ( is a free instant messaging service for work environments that speeds up and simplifies communication within teams or organizations. It launched on the 25th of September, and over 300 companies, big and small, have adopted Flock already.

Flock has a single minded focus on providing the fastest way for teams to connect. Their differentiation vis-à-vis some of their competitors are:

Free forever for unlimited users
Ability to chat with external work contacts such as clients and vendors
Awesome feature rich mobile clients for iOS and Android
No IT admin required for setup
Can be used by fast-moving teams; not everyone in the organization has to use it

Flock is a pure business specific chat application. You can sign in using your work email ID and all your colleagues are auto synced into your contact list. You don’t have to mix work and personal messages. A different application for a different need!

Flock was developed by Riva FZC, and was launched on 25th September, 2014. Another app previously launched by the same developer is Ringo, which is a free international calling app that works without the internet. Riva is going to launch many apps in the text and voice space soon.

Flock is available worldwide and can be downloaded via:


Download it today for your team or your organization!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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