Developer description

Floq is a web application that helps you gather feedback with surveys, ratings and polls, analyse the results and create beautiful benchmarked reports that provide clear, contextual information. Want to find out what the world thinks or just your team? There are lots of ways to ask better questions. With Floq you can write your own or use our range of survey templates designed by our smart team of professors, consultants and other suitably intelligent folks. So you can be confident you’re asking the right questions.
Ask questions to more people in more places. Floq’s intuitive design and clever question auto-suggest means it’s quicker and easier to create and publish surveys than ever before. With Floq’s comparative benchmarking you can always see the big picture and find out how you compare. Need something a little special? If you need personal service our enterprise subscription comes with hands on assistance.
We’ll help you create your first surveys, get your contacts into Floq and import your old existing survey data.

Last updated 10 Mar 2012