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FloraMenu is a point of sales system, but that's just the start of what it does. You can keep ... More

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Published 11 Feb 2012

If only every store adopted a system as forward thinking and organized as FloraMenu the world would be a better place. Here is a marketing application designed for flower shops that would be a boon to adopt for every single retail shop in town. Not only a point of sales system but a complete customer relations management system that enables you to keep track and manage the wants and needs of every single customer that comes into your store instantly. It gives you the best possible chance of growing your business by providing the best customer service that a retail store can reach for.
FloraMenu is a complete point of sales system for your flower but that's just the start of what it does. You can keep track of and manage every single customer that comes into your store. In a wonderfully organized way it lets you save their phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays and anniversaries in one spot so you can market to all your customers instantly and access it instantly from anywhere in the world. You can track every single inventory item, every sale and every dollar that passes through your flower shop. FloraMenu also has a unparalleled online ordering system where customers can place orders online for pickup or delivery with directions also going automatically to the driver with detailed information about who, what, when and where they should deliver. Customers can also add a custom note for the flower shop and a note to put on a card to go with their order. With built in text messaging and email marketing features, FloraMenu doesn't just manage your flower shop, it helps you grow your business. FloraMenu is a web based system, but all of your regular POS hardware (including receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners) should all work with FloraMenu. Finally, to put the icing on the cake, you can text your customers with special offers and create a newsletter to keep them connected to your business.
It's becoming pretty obvious that stores really have to go that extra step these days in order to provide a necessary service and not become just another empty shop in the mall. Online and phone-based florists have been a mainstay of our lives for many a year so the Main Street store is always going to be up against it. FloraMenu is one of the better complete customer service management and point of sale applications yet with one of it's main recommendations being is simplicity of use and compatibility with all your other instore point of sale. Don't let your potential customers go somewhere else - make them grow to prefer you.

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