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Flourish is a web based business management application built exclusively for direct-sales ... More

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Published 1 Feb 2012

If you are a business that deals in direct-sales then you are going to need a full set of business tools to ensure your enterprise has the best chance of success. You could write everything up in a ledger like in days of old or use a combination of accounting and business tools to keep you on top of everything. Flourish is a very clean and professional set of business tools that provides you with all the ammunition to deal with everything from inventory, invoice creation, customer relations and reporting. It's a very user friendly way of managing your direct sales enterprise.
If you have just started a business to give you more flexibility in your life you could be in for a rude shock. There may well be far more to deal with than you first thought and you have to find a way to utilize your new found time and money. You probably didn't start the business to become a sales professional or an accountant or the customer service or tech person. But you will have to find a way of dealing with all those issues.  Flourish is a web based business management application built exclusively for direct-sales professionals. It allows you to easily create invoices, manage contacts and money, track inventory and customer interactions as well as delivering a full set of analytical reports to track your sales. Flourish is a personal assistant, bookkeeper, stock boy, techie & business coach all rolled into one simple and affordable collection. Your data is backed up securely and routinely by technology professionals and the interface is clean, uncluttered & stylish. Even if your computer bites the dust, you can simply log into your Flourish account from any other Internet enabled computer and you’re right back where you left off. Features include the creation of invoices and ability to track product deliveries and payments and the FIFO accounting system to accurately track your inventory and transactions including returns and exchanges. Keep everything in one place in the datebook including bookings, meetings and parties. Then analyze the results using Flourish's graphical and chart-based visuals so you can have a clear overview of your business position.
Flourish ticks pretty well all the boxes when it comes to setting up a direct sales business and manages and organizes everything from setting up your inventory all the way through to billing and expenses. The only thing it doesn't do is sell the stuff for you but that's why you started up the business in the first place I guess. Its surprisingly easy to navigate and utilize too considering the complexity of it's output and for just US$10 per month it's a cost effective way of centralizing all your business in one place - wherever you may be.

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