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Fluentify is the all-in-one language solution where learners can practice individually with ... More

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Published 5 Jul 2013

They say that the only way you can really master another language is by conversing with native speakers in a one-on-one situation. This, however, can be an expensive and time consuming business. However, given that so many of us have webcams connected to our computers these days, it seems like a sensible idea to hone your language skills up online. Fluently takes advantage of this by offering 30 minute language learning sessions - with native speakers with a shared interest, no less - at probably the cheapest rates that you will find.
Fluentify connects language learners with real native speakers from all around the world. This all-in-one language solution is an education application where learners can practice individually with native tutors. Fluentify lets you practice with real native speakers without having to travel or buy expensive language courses. Sessions are 30 minutes long and learners and, interestingly, tutors are linked according to shared interests. The reason for including your interests and hobbies is to help find teachers that share your common interests. All classes take place directly in Fluentify's videoconferencing platform. You only need an Internet connection, a webcam and a microphone. Then find the perfect tutor, pick an available 30-minute slot that suits you best and start practicing. Once you have booked a session you can send a private message to the tutor saying what your specific needs are. Most of Fluentify tutors are not professional language teachers but have been selected by Fluentify team and all of them...