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FluidUI is a mobile app prototyping design tool. It is fast, user friendly and very intuitive. ... More

Editor's review

Published 20 Aug 2012

Judging from some of the feedback received about this mobile prototyping application I would say that it has been a highly anticipated release. FluidUI is an easy to use and rapid-fast prototype design tool for android and iOS that lets you design, create and test everything from low fidelity wireframes all the way up to high fidelity prototypes. It was designed as a time and money saving application when prototyping and gathering the requirements for your newly designed app.
FluidUI is an HTML5 web app that helps you create fully dynamic mockups and prototypes of your mobile designs. It's a design tool that is fast, user friendly, very intuitive and lets you rapidly see and interact with your app on a mobile device to aid testing and design. The app supports iPhone, iPad, Android and Android tablet. You can prototype Android & iOs apps quickly and efficiently by drag and dropping widgets from the 1000's of ready made elements available in the internal libraries or by uploading your own images & screenshots. Snap your ideas together using drag-and-drop with no coding required and then add the latest in tap and swipe touch gestures to your mockups to simulate a true mobile experience. There is a selection of animated page transitions such as slides, fades, pops and more where you can link pages together and then test it on a mobile device in minutes. You can export in PDF, HTML and image format plus, it's simple to share with clients & colleagues and export your work for later use.
FluidUI is one of those apps that make life that little bit easier. With so many new app designers out there - and let's face it, apps are the new black right now - it is a relief to many to have an instant look at the app you are designing. Alternatively you can share your design with clients and colleagues for their feedback. FluidUI includes a bunch of tools to make your app stand out from the rest and uses the latest innovations in mobile app design. To quote a happy user. “ This tool is great! I'm blown away by it's power, speed and ease of use ” Roland Gröpmair (Founder at mApps). Try it now for free at www.fluidui.com.

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