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We took on a challenge and created a 100% JS + CSS mobile game. No external engines or libraries. Just pure DOM-based little arcade style games.

Fly Attack: 2035. Is a super simple and fun 'Endless Runner' game in an apocalyptic setting. It started with a coronavirus chasing a terrified dude. After Apple rejected it saying that using COVID-19 in the game could be insensitive to some, we altered the game a little and replaced the virus with evil flies. In retrospect we totally understand and agree with Apple's new policy.

Finally we had to choose whether to place ads or charge a tiny amount and we went with the latter. We personally dislike all those ads. So as of now this game costs 99 cents.

App Store:

Google Play:

Enjoy + try to beat the leaderboard - legally ;)

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Last updated 18 May 2020

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