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Developer description

Fly PANIC! is a simple arcade-style game, that is easy to learn but tough to master. Through four fast-paced challenges, you face off against a swarm of nature's most annoying, buzzing creatures —Blue Bottle Flies, Green Blow Flies, Red Fruit Flies and Black Flies— as they raid your kitchen and target your "dish of the day".

Armed with your brand new "Bug Zappa" — a prototype device that promises to be "the latest gadget in extermination technology", though it has a rather finicky battery life and doesn't seem to work on all critters—, you must take out the hungry critters one by one, to regain control of your cooking space.

The Bug Zappa packs a powerful punch, so it's important to aim carefully, as various objects in your environment could go flying and cause a huge mess! Also watch out for the Black Flies. The Bug Zappa doesn't work to well against them, and shooting them will count against you! Keep an eye on your Zappa's battery life, your timer and "Miss" counters, as these are important. "Tap to Zap!" is the name of the game...well actually it's Fly PANIC!, but you get the picture.

Last updated 12 Feb 2019