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The future of social networking for business travelers is here. Revolutionize your travel experience with Flyght Club and network with fellow passengers before, during and after your next flight! This gives you the ability to expand your network to a cold market and possibly a new city/state. Enough with social media conversations that don’t end up with a face-to-face conversation. Flyght Club gives you the unique opportunity to meet with everyone you connect with through our app prior to, or during your time at the airport. With so many long lines and hectic situations during your travels, saving a few minutes at the airport could make all the difference. Features such as ‘Grab-n-Go’ will allow you to save time by pre-ordering food at the airport before or after your flight. It is common to see images from the Golden Age of travel (1950’s and 60’s) in which passengers are networking over drinks or cheerfully talking over a lavish dinner. We are here to bring back the same excitement of flying, but the reality in 2017 is that most people love to travel but hate flying. Why?
 Long lines for security and food
 Lack of good and healthy food
 Delayed flights
 Poor Customer Service
Unfortunately, the average passenger can’t solve these frustrations on their own. The trick is to find a way to make the most of travel. Luckily, companies like Flyght Club are bringing back the social experience of flying. Termed “social aviation” this app helps connect passengers who are able to network on their own terms and take full advantage of the time that they spend on an airplane, in line or waiting to board. Flyght Club starts conversations, builds relationships and makes traveling social, on your terms. Thanks to social aviation, the golden age of travel in the 21st century is right around the corner.
How we can help:
 Build relationships and expand network to create more business
 Save time waiting in line (Grab-N-Go food service coming soon)
 Deliver real time data/info to airlines for improved customer service
 Ride-share with fellow passengers
 Provide real-time travel data about your airline

“As a frequent flier, I saw a need to solve many issues and inconveniences of flying. It’s my passion to make business travel efficient and exciting. ” -Ajay Vonkarey, Founder

Join us in becoming a single platform for all travel needs. Business traveler or not, we can help you improve your travel experience! You never know who you could meet on your next flight so seize every opportunity and download Flyght Club now at

Last updated 4 Oct 2017

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