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Ever sat in a bar alone during a delayed flight. Bored of watching movies or browsing skymall on a long flight. Lost a potential business opportunity due to a missed connection. Or would like to get tips from fellow vacationers on a flight. Flyght Club is a new and innovative way to connect with fellow passengers on a flight or at the airport. Flyght Club provides a great platform for networking for both business or personal reasons. Flyght club is a combination of social, personal and professional networking club.

Why not share a taxi with a fellow travelers after you land or share travel tips with a family going to the same destination or become part of the ‘mile-high’ club. Now you can, using Flyght Club. Connect with fellow passengers before, during or after the flight. Tweet and post updates directly from Flyght club.

Lost luggage or bad travel experience, share it with the airlines and fellow travelers using Flyght Club.

Download the FREE app now and start connecting and make travel a better experience and have a pleasant Flyght to your destination.

Last updated 15 Aug 2015

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