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Flying is an iPhone app for all your air travel. It is useful, insightful, and social.

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Editor's review

Published 11 Jun 2013

If nothing else, you have to commend the developers of this flight tracking iOS application for picking an absolutely brilliant name for air travel app. To be honest, I'm surprised that no one has used it before. The app was conceived at the Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design as a concept iPhone app for logging flights. But in the subsequent year or so, it has evolved into a complete flight tracking app that deals with all your travel needs. From the time that you book your flight to the moment you land Flying aims to keep you informed with up date and reliable travel details as well as adding a social element.
Flying aims to be the iPhone app for all your air travel. It is a very useful, insightful and even social app that gives you all the relevant information about your travel arrangements using the latest technology and very reliable sources. It lets you keep track of all your flights with up-to-date information and will make sure that you never miss a flight again. The app is free but you can purchase updates for your flights and get alerts for gate changes, delays and cancellations. You can revisit past trips that you have taken and view analytical insights about your travel patterns with beautiful visualizations. And, to add a bit of fun to proceedings, Flying realizes how much we all love to get those stamps in your passport when you travel? Whether you have crossed the equator or taken your 100th flight, Flying will give you stamps for all the places that you visit. Then get social with the “Stream” feature and follow your friends' flights so you can get together if you find yourselves in the same city. The “Leaderboard” feature allows you to compete to see who of your friends has flown the most. You can share your flight details to anyone on Facebook, Twitter, by  email or anywhere else  using the web view.
The Flying developers designed this app to make the air traveler feel a little bit special in these days of 'hop-on, hop-off'' travel. They want Flying to be the companion app for all your air travel and work well on your mobile device. They have managed to put together a very elegant and easy to use air travel app that works well and carries up-to-date and reliable information. It isn't overloaded with extra gadgets and things that you will never use which is a blessing. But it does have a nice social side where you can see if your friends are visiting the place you are going to. While there are plenty of air travel apps around, this one looks pretty useful.

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