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Interactive video messaging that could be the next big thing

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Every day, we interact with our friends using text. We try to express ourselves using CAPS, ... More

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Published 26 Oct 2015

I've often wondered, you know. What exactly is it that turns a good app into a viral sensation? Over the years we've reviewed all the great free social apps upon release here at the FeedMyApp offices. Some, like Pinterest, Vine and Snapchat, were pretty obviously going to succeed. Others, like Flipboard, were not quite so obvious. The one thing they do need is a fair bit of luck. Given that wee bit of that luck, here's one that looks like it has all the right ingredients to hit the big time and be a mainstay in the app world over the next few years. Flyreel is a social video sharing app for iOS that sits somewhere between Vine and Snapchat and aims to help you interact with old and new friends using video in a completely different way.

For years, we have been connecting with friends on social media using one-dimensional text and photos but the only way we seem to be able to get any emotion into our conversations is via the dreaded emoji. The only real interaction available is the commenting or 'liking' of posts. Now it's time for that to change. Let's face it, there's nothing like a video of yourself to get your true feelings across. Flyreel lets you post videos - either publicly or privately -and includes a feature that similar apps just cant compete with. Friends and fellow users can respond to your video and jump in with one...