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Here's an idea where disgruntled employees everywhere could blow off some steam by sharing ... More

Editor's review

Published 16 Jan 2012

Yes you read it correctly. This rather humorous review app is called FMyBoss but in reality its really called F#%£MyBoss. So what's it all about I hear you say? Well it's an app for venting and letting off a bit of steam. FMyBoss is a place you can go to sound off with all your grievances about your boss at work. All the dumb things that do and don't get done, all the stupid things they implement and all the things you zip up about when your boss turns up while you are chatting around the water cooler at tea break.
FMyBoss turns out to be a rather hilarious app which allows disgruntled employees everywhere to blow off some steam by sharing stories of their horrible bosses. FMyBoss collects those stories and gives the FMB community a place where all concerned employees can go and enjoy them and vent themselves silly too. This is not a place where bosses will find any solace, trust me. But in the process we can all have a good laugh and relieve the stress of bottling up all that inbuilt frustration of not having anyone to share the inglorious stupidity of the people that pay you. They are fair game I reckon. Bosses give you hell all week long. Now it's your turn. Tell FMyBoss what your boss did and they will put him (or her) up on their wall of shame for the whole World Wide Web to see. Trust us, you're not alone here. Go ahead, rant it out. Give him hell.
In a similar way to sites like AutocorrectFail you can't help but laugh at some of the stories and comments featured in FMyBoss. The funniest thing is that, no matter where you are in the world, the same themes keep cropping up time after time. And with some of them, what appears to be a major disaster to one person turns out to be an hilarious interlude for many others...well I thought so anyway. FMyBoss is a place you can go to stop you banging your head against a wall and put a little reality back into your life. his free and easy to use app is a lot of fun.

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