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Published 21 Jul 2012

Do you fancy yourself as the next Chuck Palahniuk or Stephen King? Or maybe you've been inspired by the exploits of E.L.James and her Fifty Shades Of Grey and want to get in on the action. Whether you are a new writer ready to pass on your words of wisdom or a long time scribe looking to spread your wings with the new technology, Foboko provides many of the services to help your dream come true. However, there is more to this e-book publishing application than just its ability to become a conduit to self-publishing your material as it also delivers a writing community to guide, advise and encourage you to produce your best work.
According to recent figures sales of e-books doubled between 2010 and 2011 and now account for about 30% of all book trade. It's clear that the future for authors is very definitely an online one. Foboko is an easy to use writing application that differs a little from the many other e-book services. For a start, is a rather unique entry into the world of self-publishing as authors have access to a community of fellow writers, published professionals and readers who are available to help you produce the best work you can. But possibly the main thing that sets it apart from others is the step-by-step planning process for your story or book. The 'social publishing’ side comes into effect via the web-based Foboko community which allows  authors to seek...