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Why pay for photoshop when this superior background removal tool for photos is free and automatic

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FocoClipping is an online background remover, helping most eCommerce sellers, photographers, ... More

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Published 17 Sep 2021

Chances are, if you want to do something like removing the background from a photograph, you're going to use something like one of the many versions of photoshop. The problem there is that it could cost you hundreds of dollars per year and you'll have a whole lot of features that you will rarely use. The very cheapest version I found when researching was ten bucks per month. So, I'm sure it'll please the many marketers, web designers, photographers, ecommerce sellers and freelancers out there that what we have here is a top of the range online background remover and its absolutely free right now.

FocoClipping is a very powerful background removal tool that uses AI to simply and easily remove the background image of a photo in one click. What's more, it does it in a matter of seconds. Maximum output quality is an impressive 3000x3000 pixels.  The app can detect the foreground and background of a photo and automatically removes the background as soon as you click on it. It has very precise portrait, product and graphic recognition and will even work with multi person shots or shots with arms and leg movement.

However, that's not everything that FocoClipping can do. It has a whole bunch of other features including a background changer, a cropping tool and a tool that let's you add shadows to your photos to make them look more realistic. It also supports customized background templates and...