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Why pay for photoshop when this superior background removal tool for photos is free and automatic

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Published 17 Sep 2021

[cont'd] features a series of preset solid color backgrounds. If you are a e-commerce seller, a marketer or a photographer and have multiple backgrounds to remove, you can save time and money by removing around 30 backgrounds at a time. Finally the hair touch up tool let's you get extreme detail into every strand of hair by simply painting around it.

FocoClipping offers a web API, mobile SDK and customized software plugins as well as other hardware solutions for e-commerce sites, design projects and other computer appliances to simplify workflow and improve efficiency. This high quality background removal tool offers an excellent service and will be used by everybody from casual social media users right through to professional marketers, designers and photographers and everybody in-between. It's as easy to add an outline or use a filter on a portrait for your Facebook photo as it is to create advertising for a client. Right now, FocoClipping has over 70 million users in over 150 different countries.

So, they're all pretty good reasons to have a long hard look at this app. It's easy to use, the output quality is excellent, at 3 seconds it's quicker than using photoshop, it automatically detects foreground images easily and efficiently, it caters to bulk image processing and it's free to use. What's not to like? FocoClipping is a web based tool and you can find out more and download it at