Developer description

Are you ever distracted by facebook, twitter, youtube, or Whatsapp? This app can help. Simple select apps that you want to lock yourself out of, how long you want to block them for and you are done! This is a FREE APP plus it has NO ADS. This is the only app in the Store to have these features.
- Block ANY number of apps (including notifications) on your phone with a timer
- Schedule any no. of Locks any time: now, in the future, or weekly
- Now block Websites too (only Chrome browser supported currently) -- feature in Beta
- Supports latest Android Lollipop too You can lock yourself out of this app for any amount of time starting anytime.
This app is perfect for exam time. Set a timer and get unbelievable amount of study done. Got a deadline coming up, setup a block and get that paper done! Finding yourself in trouble in classes, setup a block and focus in right into the material. Get this app to stay productive, fight smartphone addiction, be productive right before exams and deadlines and finally fight off procrastination.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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