Developer description

Foguru is a teamwork & collaboration app for entrepreneurs and family offices with many different teams working remotely on different businesses and projects. As a single shared source of truth, the act of updating Foguru replaces writing reports.

It was designed for wealthy families/entrepreneurs who have lots of different businesses or projects on the go at any one time and need a way for their various properties, businesses, yachts, aircraft and more to communicate with each other and report on their progress - by adding information to the Foguru platform, business owners can keep an eye on their operations in as granular a detail as they need to.

- No more people being left off email chains.

- Accountability is included as standard.

- When people leave the organisation, they can be locked out with one click - not so with emails on their personal devices.

- External advisers (marketing consultants, architects, accountants, lawyers etc) can be granted access to specific portals, boards or project threads, so that their advice is included in the internal discourse about various issues, and remains on the record.

- The entrepreneur / business owner can use the “Ask” function to seek advice from their senior aides, consultants and even external advisers.

Foguru gives you a centralised platform to support any organisation, from a family office to a multi-divisional conglomerate. Access to information is granted on a need-to-know basis, so everyone who needs to know does know.

Foguru scales and grows with your organisation - you can customise it to suit your own way of working, or ask us to help you out getting started - advanced archiving features, granular access control for users, email / push notifications for updates, track and audit every action by your users.

Foguru allows for instantaneous reporting on all matters in your organisation. Manage a live 'follow-ups' list or request follow-ups from others, spot errors/mistakes before they happen, preserve decision-making chains for compliance, and track answers from your team on any question you ask.

Last updated 27 Dec 2017

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