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Encrypt all of your data and keep it away from prying eyes

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Folder Lock Advanced is a more sophisticated version of Folder Lock. The app has a user-friendly ... More

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Published 7 Sep 2015

You might have seen a review that FeedMyApp ran recently for an iOS app called Notes Lock. It secured all your notes, recorded conversations and your private thoughts so that prying eyes wouldn't be able to get to them. Folder Lock Advanced is kind of an expanded version of that for both Android, iPhone and iPad that takes security one step further to protect and lock your personal folders, files, photos, apps, videos, notes, wallet and any other kind of data that you need to keep secure. This release is actually an updated and far more advanced version of the award winning desktop version - Folder Lock, which is the most downloaded file-security application with more than 25 million worldwide users.

Folder Lock Advanced offers a great looking and user-friendly interface, new and improved features and is superior in overall functionality to Folder Lock. It encrypts, protects and locks your personal and confidential files, folders, photos, videos, audio files, documents, wallet cards, notes and every other kind of data that needs to be secured and does it with powerful and effective password protection to ensure total privacy. It's a place where you can write confidential notes that might contain private thoughts and great ideas and leaves you feeling safe in the knowledge that they will remain securely hidden. Very importantly, FL Advanced is also somewhere that you can securely save your credit card, banking and other financial details rather than keeping them in that notebook beside the bed. Other...