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A file manager for multitasking

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Folder+ is a File Browser/Manager/Editor, but what's special is its' In-app multitasking ... More

Editor's review

Published 23 Dec 2011

Here is another of those apps I love that deliver way more than you think they are going to. Take a look at Folder+'s rather drab exterior and you wouldn't have a clue to what's lurking inside. So, what makes it so special, you may ask? Well, for a start, it's a file manager that actively encourages you to multitask which is a bit of a bonus it you are planning to do some audio recording and draw something simultaneously - because you can do that here.  It also has an auto-recovery feature which enables you to reclaim any documents that might get lost in editing. But that's just the start of it.

Folder+ is a file browser/manager/editor for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that has something extra special.  The extra special bit is it's in-app multitasking capability. If you've ever tried to read a document and take notes at the same time you'll know what i mean. Or wanted to do an audio recording and sketch something along side it. In a reasonably revolutionary way you can do a 3-finger swiping down gesture to switch between the most recent two tasks or do a 3-finger swiping up gesture to bring the task manager to manage tasks there. Folder+ features all the things a file manager / editor has to have as well as a fair bit more. The only think you will need is a wifi connection to transfer files between Folder+ and an FTP clients like Cyberduck and Filezilla.

Folder+ is a document management and filesharing app that's just perfect for your smartphone or tablet. Its array of managing and editing tools will surprise and make your life just that little bit easier. As you can imagine, Folder+ is an easy app to use especially knowing the complexities of its abilities. Those of us with destroys fingers from slaving away on those platforms will love the 3 finger swiping method that allows you to switch between two completely different recent tasks with ease. Never again will they say that men can't multitask. Folder+ let's everybody multitask with ease.

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