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A file manager for multitasking

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Folder+ is a File Browser/Manager/Editor, but what's special is its' In-app multitasking ... More

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Published 23 Dec 2011

Here is another of those apps I love that deliver way more than you think they are going to. Take a look at Folder+'s rather drab exterior and you wouldn't have a clue to what's lurking inside. So, what makes it so special, you may ask? Well, for a start, it's a file manager that actively encourages you to multitask which is a bit of a bonus it you are planning to do some audio recording and draw something simultaneously - because you can do that here.  It also has an auto-recovery feature which enables you to reclaim any documents that might get lost in editing. But that's just the start of it.

Folder+ is a file browser/manager/editor for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that has something extra special.  The extra special bit is it's in-app multitasking capability. If you've ever tried to read a document and take notes at the same time you'll know what i mean. Or wanted to do an audio recording and sketch something along side it. In a reasonably revolutionary way you can do a 3-finger swiping down gesture to switch between the most recent two tasks or do a 3-finger swiping up gesture to bring the task manager to manage tasks there. Folder+ features all the things a file manager / editor has to have as well as a fair bit more. The only think you will need is a wifi connection to...