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Published 5 Sep 2011 is a really good concept for what is essentially a straightforward reminder service. The beauty of this app is that it effortlessly blends into existing technology that we all know and use day in and day out - the humble email. Therefore it is wonderfully simple to use, even for non-techno minded folk. Basically you copy the FollowUp people into any emails by using their email address and designating a time you want to be reminded about that email - for example [email protected] Once you've familiarized yourself with the basic concept it's really easy to adopt their system into the running of your everyday life.

There's really three different ways you can use it depending on your circumstances. Firstly you can send an email to someone about something that needs actioning - for example in the business world it could be "Jane please get me that report I asked for" or in the personal world "Anna do you want to club together to buy something for mum for her birthday". You can secretly copy in the followup service into the 'BCC' field of the email so that you are reminded to follow up the email at a future time (decided by you). Whatever time you set for the reminder, they will send you an email at that time, prompting you to chase up the subject of the original email to ensure it's being actioned. Secondly, you can simply 'forward' any emails you don't want...